Make your own scenery!

Scene or backdrop pf Bible Time houses

It’s possible to buy scenery and large pictures to decorate a space but you can make your own. This is great if what you want isn’t available to buy.

You need to photocopy the scene you want to use onto acetate ready to enlarge. We used an OHP (so glad we kept it!) to enlarge the picture onto material. To do this we drew the outline as it was projected on the material (use a size of material that suits your space – a large sheet is fine) and then painted the picture with poster paint. In between the drawing and painting I hemmed the top to make it possible to slide a curtain rail through so we can attach the whole thing to the wall on hooks. You could do this onto paper but for a large scene material can be a better choice.

This is a great way to make a background scene but you need a lot of space and make sure you cover the floor with plastic so that if the paint seeps through it won’t matter! An empty hall is ideal!

We used this scene as a backdrop on the stage when we had a Holiday Bible Club.

You can use the same technique to make a life size Goliath!

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