Wax Resist Pictures

Wax resist pictures are fun and easy to create. All you need is some paper, wax crayons, watery paint and a paint brush. You can make patterns and pictures – it’s very easy and relatively mess free. If you want to create a pattern then it’s fun to start with taking a crayon for a… Read More Wax Resist Pictures

Use what you have Christmas Collage

Use what you have to make a Christmas collage. There is so much for us to spend money on at Christmas that it’s a nice change to use what we already have have to make crafts. I always keep Christmas cards as they have great pictures. And those bits of wrapping paper that aren’t quite… Read More Use what you have Christmas Collage

A Great Light Party Lantern to make

Here’s a Light Party Lantern that is easy to make and inexpensive too! It’s a lantern that will twinkle in the dark and remind children that Jesus is the light of the World. If you are planning to celebrate a light party as an alternative to Halloween or you are looking for something to make… Read More A Great Light Party Lantern to make

Cup Cake Cases Flower Wreath

A cup cake case flower wreath is a colourful craft to celebrate spring and summer. Paper cake cases are inexpensive and come in lots of colours. You can go for the really bright or the pastels or a mixture of the two. There’s two ways of going about making this – older children can have… Read More Cup Cake Cases Flower Wreath

Weaving Craft

This is a great activity for an after school club for children aged 4-plus. It needs a bit of prep but is well worth the effort. We made these at our children’s club – everyone joined in – lots of concentration! Paper plate (cut the petals – we have 11. It’s best to have an… Read More Weaving Craft

Ascension Day Craft (5-11 year olds)

All you need – A3 paper x2 Cloud shape cut from A4 card Green and blue paper to make sky and hill Glue Cotton wool to add to cloud Verse from Acts 1:11 (see download below) Cut into a size to fit into the cloud To make the eleven disciples make a paper chain of… Read More Ascension Day Craft (5-11 year olds)