Bible town scene to make

Making a Bible town scene is one of my favourite Holiday Bible Club crafts. It fits with so many Bible stories as it is just a scene of a town. It’s fun to make and 3D. All you need is To Assemble the children need to – We bought the background scene from (as of… Read More Bible town scene to make

Holiday Bible Club Craft (2)

We used a wooden spoon based craft for the bible story about Jesus healing a man who had leprosy. You can read the story in Matthew 8. The children drew a sad face one side of the spoon and a happy face the other. We used kitchen roll for the clothes – a fairly good… Read More Holiday Bible Club Craft (2)

Holiday Bible Club Crafts (1)

Do you remember our HBC scenery?  We bought the picture for the scenery from and so we were able to use the picture of a Bible time scene in miniature to make a craft. The base is a square paper plate. The house is a rectangle block of wood painted with emulsion. Tissue paper makes the… Read More Holiday Bible Club Crafts (1)

Make your own scenery!

It’s possible to buy scenery and large pictures to decorate a space but you can make your own. This is great if what you want isn’t available to buy. You need to photocopy the scene you want to use onto acetate ready to enlarge. We used an OHP (so glad we kept it!) to enlarge… Read More Make your own scenery!

Holiday Bible Club Crafts

We are getting ready for a HBC – these three crafts fit our sport theme. The paper bags, trophy and flag are all from ‘the little crafty bugs company’. The template for the paper bag runner puppet (it cost $4 ) is from ‘teachers pay teachers’. To decorate each craft we’ve got googly eyes, wool, crayons,… Read More Holiday Bible Club Crafts

Baby Moses paper plate craft

Here’s some simple instructions for making the Baby Moses paper plate craft. I’ve made a baby Moses paper plate craft before (you can find it here) but wanted something a little simpler for our Holiday Bible Club as we don’t have a lot of time per age group. So this time there was no drawing… Read More Baby Moses paper plate craft