Noah and two of every animal – A Bible Number Story

Last week we thought about the Number One and Jonah and the One Big Fish. This story is all about counting to two! The Bible Truth for toddlers is, ‘Those who trust in God are rescued’. To tell the story you can use – an ark, animals in pairs, Mr and Mrs Noah, a toy… Read More Noah and two of every animal – A Bible Number Story

Noah in the Ark – a weather themed story

There is a page of mini arks all ready for downloading and printing here Basic Noah’s Ark (x 8) We did this craft a couple of weeks ago when we were doing Bible Stories on the theme of weather. We used tissue paper, crepe paper, cellophane wrap, cotton wool and paper clouds.

Group craft to make!

Group craft is an alternative to having everyone make something to take home. Some things really lend themselves to a big group make. Goliath to decorate with collage material, the Tower of Babel to either build with cardboard boxes or create a 2D version by sticking ‘bricks’ onto a roll of paper. Noah’s Ark makes… Read More Group craft to make!

Noah’s ark

I really enjoyed putting this craft together and the children enjoyed making their own too – which is the main thing! There was a bit of prep – cutting an ark shape from a folded paper plate and tearing tissue paper into long strips. the ark ‘floats’ on the tissue paper water. The animal stickers… Read More Noah’s ark

Paper plate lion

I’m putting together some paper plate crafts for a Noah’s Ark themed family event. I’ve made a lion before with wool for the mane but fancied a change so have used mini cup cake liners. As parents are there to make the crafts alongside their children there will be minimal prep – all you need… Read More Paper plate lion