A Great Light Party Lantern to make

Here’s a Light Party Lantern that is easy to make and inexpensive too! It’s a lantern that will twinkle in the dark and remind children that Jesus is the light of the World. If you are planning to celebrate a light party as an alternative to Halloween or you are looking for something to make… Read More A Great Light Party Lantern to make

Make a Paper Plate Christingle for 7-11 year olds

Easter Garden to make at home

Easter or Resurrection Gardens are a great way to celebrate Easter. They are a reminder of the Easter story and are fun to make. Traditionally they would be made using soil, moss, flowers etc but this version is made entirely from paper and card – if you haven’t got easy access to soil and plants… Read More Easter Garden to make at home

Easter egg colouring printables

These A4 Easter Egg designs can be coloured or made into collages. Whatever you feel like doing! I’ve used wax crayons (you can blend the colours!), felt tips, tissue paper and some sugar paper circles. Cut out the egg shape after you’ve decorated it. If you want to paint then maybe print the shape onto… Read More Easter egg colouring printables

Lollipop stick weaving!

Most things on my blog are for toddlers but this is something for older children and adults! We’ve been having a go at this weaving at our after school Bible Club and at our church fete. Lots of concentration required at first. But once you get the hang of it it’s really relaxing. You need:… Read More Lollipop stick weaving!