Man through the roof craft

In our group for Reception – Year Two we are doing a series of Bible Stories that can be found here.  This week we began with the man through the roof story (healing of the paralysed man) from Mark 2:1-12.

We made a craft using a square envelope for the house. This is my version. The picture of the man is from page 79 of the free lesson available from   The lesson is found in the Preschooler section and is called ‘Little kids can know God through his miracles’.

And these are the crafts created by the children


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Hi! I'm a happily married mum of two. Let their light shine is where I blog about Toddler Group and Sunday School ideas.
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4 Responses to Man through the roof craft

  1. Clare Pooley says:

    This must be a really fun way to teach the bible stories to little children. The only things I remember from Sunday School are the colouring-in activities we did. I liked the picture of Elijah and the ravens we were given and there were a few parable ones and Jesus’ life ones. I am sure we were told stories and I can remember sitting on the floor in front of the teacher but all I remember of those sessions is being bored! What a horrible child I was!

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