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Women in the Bible

Every now and then we do a series of toddler group stories about women. Most of the adults in our groups are women and it is easy to tell stories each week that are all male! So we intentionally include the women.

Here are five Bible stories about women with a craft…

The birth of Isaac to Sarah and Abraham. Here they are in their tent. Genesis 21.
Mary anoints Jesus – John 12:1-8 The craft is a jar of perfume.
The healing of peter’s mother in law. Mark 1:29-31
The story of Lydia who made purple cloth. Acts 16:11-15.
Tabitha who made clothes. Acts 9:36-42

Healing of Peter’s mum-in-law

We’re doing stories from the life of peter at Tuesday toddler group. last week it was the calling of the first disciples (Mark 1:16-18. Peter is still called Simon at this point. We have used the name peter to save confusion). The craft was paper plate fish.

This week it was the healing of Peter’s mother in law. (Mark 1:29-31)

The craft is a little bit more involved than usual – it is definitely one for an adult to make with their child. But it uses different textures and can be used to tell the story as the woman can get in and out of the bed.

There’s a free PDF of the bed and the woman is from kit that needs minimal prep.

peter’s mother in law (side 1 & 2)

The two sides of the craft – if you can’t do double sided printing/photocopying the side with the quilt pattern can be blank. It will work just as well.

You need pieces of fabric for the pillow and quilt. Mum-in-law has wool for hair and has a happy face one side and a sad face the other. The idea is that she isn’t glued to the craft but can get out of the bed.


I used a set of concertina girl shapes for the woman. They are from amazon. They need to be cut into individual people.

There are lots of opportunities for chat while making this craft. Parents/carers and toddlers can talk about colour and texture and of course talk about the story. We have our story half way through the morning with craft before and after. For those who make it before it can help them know what to listen out for.

Hope you enjoy making!

Simon’s mother in law – homes Jesus visited

This is a simple craft/story telling prop idea for the story of Simon Peter’s mother-in-law being healed of a fever. (Mark 1:29-31)


The bed is made from an egg box and the people from cardboard rolls.

The Story from Mark 1:29-31

‘Jesus had met some fishermen by the lake of Galilee. Do you know what fishermen do? Yes, that’s right, they catch fish!

Their names were Simon and Andrew, who were brothers and James and John who were also brothers.

Jesus called them to be his followers.

One day Jesus went to the home of Simon and Andrew. Even though they were grown ups they lived in the same home with their families. Their friends James and John were there too.

It’s really nice to have friends visit us isn’t it? But things weren’t happy in this home… everyone was sad.

Simon’s mother-in-law was very poorly. She had a temperature and had to stay in bed.

When Jesus found out that she was poorly he went to see her. He cared about her. He cares about you and me too.

Jesus held her hand and helped her get up – and she was better!!

Now I couldn’t have done that. And you couldn’t have done that. But Jesus could because Jesus is God.

Simon’s mother-in-law was so happy to be well. The first thing she did was to start looking after her friends and she made them something to eat.

Everyone in the house was happy!’

There is a video of this story here