‘Thank you God for yummy food’ craft

To Make You need A4 card with holes punched at the top (landscape) centre and thread added Stick on lots of pictures of fruit and vegetables (from gardening catalogues) Add the ribbon/banner. See download below. Hang up in the kitchen! While you are making talk about the names of the fruit and vegetables, their colours… Read More ‘Thank you God for yummy food’ craft

Harvest – cereal box 3D picture

A 3D harvest picture made from a cereal box is a different craft to the usual – it takes a bit of effort to prepare but is well worth it. You need a cereal box for each child. We asked our church to donate boxes over several weeks. So to do this craft for harvest… Read More Harvest – cereal box 3D picture

celebrating harvest and autumn

One of the great things about blogs and facebook groups is the sharing of ideas. My facebook friend Rhoda posted some pictures of her toddler group looking at autumn leaves and it looked so great that  I ordered some magnifying glasses and tweezers from amazon and went into the garden to collect fallen leaves and… Read More celebrating harvest and autumn

Harvest celebration

It’s harvest celebration time! At toddler group we often mark this event at story and craft time. The story is usually focused on saying ‘thank you’ for our food. I have a basket of various fruit and veg (all real) to show to the children and as I take the fruit and veg out of… Read More Harvest celebration