Ascension Day Craft (5-11 year olds)

All you need – A3 paper x2 Cloud shape cut from A4 card Green and blue paper to make sky and hill Glue Cotton wool to add to cloud Verse from Acts 1:11 (see download below) Cut into a size to fit into the cloud To make the eleven disciples make a paper chain of… Read More Ascension Day Craft (5-11 year olds)

‘Thank you God for yummy food’ craft

To Make You need A4 card with holes punched at the top (landscape) centre and thread added Stick on lots of pictures of fruit and vegetables (from gardening catalogues) Add the ribbon/banner. See download below. Hang up in the kitchen! While you are making talk about the names of the fruit and vegetables, their colours… Read More ‘Thank you God for yummy food’ craft

Beautiful flowers and Jesus’ promise (Sermon on the Mount)

This is a craft and something to read and think about from the Bible. It’s an idea to help families to look at the Bible together. Enjoy! You need a Bible, glue, paper/card, flower photos from catalogues/magazines, scissors (adult supervision required) and some time to do this together! If you want you can seperate this… Read More Beautiful flowers and Jesus’ promise (Sermon on the Mount)

Star Christmas decoration to make – using lollipop sticks

Lots of sequins are needed for this simple star shaped decoration for the Christmas Tree! You will also need PVA glue Paint – I used yellow but you can use any colour poster paint Sequins ‘Joy to the World’ mini banner (free download available below) A button and thread Six lollipop/ popsicle sticks per star.… Read More Star Christmas decoration to make – using lollipop sticks

Autumn activity for kids!

Several years ago when my children were children (and not adults – how did that happen so fast?!) we planted some conkers in plant pots. Once we had kept the squirrels at bay they began to grow and are now abour six feet tall. They are still in pots as horse chestnut trees can become… Read More Autumn activity for kids!

Cress to grow at home

Cress is lovely to grow at home with children because it grows so fast! No long wait to see the seeds sprout. Within a week you have something that you can eat. No need for soil – I used an egg box, some tissues and the seeds. You could make a picture diary of this… Read More Cress to grow at home

Easter Garden to make at home

Easter or Resurrection Gardens are a great way to celebrate Easter. They are a reminder of the Easter story and are fun to make. Traditionally they would be made using soil, moss, flowers etc but this version is made entirely from paper and card – if you haven’t got easy access to soil and plants… Read More Easter Garden to make at home

Paper Plate Nativity

Links to ‘how to make’ the characters (specifically the angels but the same basic idea is used for Mary, Joseph and the shepherds too) and the manger The stable is a cardboard box covered in tissue paper. If you cover the inside of the box with yellow paint or tissue paper the characters will show… Read More Paper Plate Nativity

Make Your Own Advent Calendar

Are you looking forward to Christmas? One way of helping our children understand the real meaning of Christmas is to point them to what the Bible has to say about the Birth of Jesus. This ‘make your own advent calendar’ is a simple way of helping us to re-focus on Jesus as we get ready… Read More Make Your Own Advent Calendar

Easter egg – messy craft!

This is a craft where you get in a bit of a sticky mess – but it’s fun! The egg shape is polystyrene. (I bought them from Amazon) I covered it in PVA glue and added tissue paper layers. If you finish off with a layer of glue it’ll look shiny. Experiment with the decoration.… Read More Easter egg – messy craft!