Jesus stops the Storm

‘Jesus stops the Storm’ was another of our weather themed stories at toddler group. It’s from Luke 8. It’s a great story to tell – lots of drama with the wind blowing and waves crashing, frightened disciples, dark skies and Jesus sleeping! Craft Idea This craft is in two parts; the lake made from a… Read More Jesus stops the Storm

Q is for question

Q is for Question is part of our Bible Alphabet series. Starting at A we have told a Bible Story for each letter of the alphabet. It can be anything – a person, place or object – so long as the letter we are doing comes somewhere. Q was a bit tricky! There are names… Read More Q is for question

Emergency Bible lesson!

Do you ever have to organise a last minute Bible lesson/story for your Sunday school or Church club? Maybe someone is absent and you are the one who gets the text message ‘Can you sort out a Bible Story for club tonight?’ Well, here is an idea to help. There are a few things you… Read More Emergency Bible lesson!