Abraham in his tent craft

This Abraham in his tent craft has a lift the flap element that hides Abraham! It’s a lovely craft to make with lots of sticking and opportunities to add texture to the tent by using fabric and texture to the sky by using cotton wool for clouds.

Abraham in his tent craft

Everything you need to make the craft 

Abraham (this picture was from a google image search),

Blue sugar/construction paper,

Green sugar/construction paper cut into a narrow strip,

A cloud (optional – you could use cotton wool balls that can be unrolled and split),

A tent shape (see the photo and instructions below)


Tissue paper and/or fabric squares.

To make the tent shape – use the same size paper as for the blue background and trim about an inch off the bottom. Then fold as you see in the picture below. I pre-made the basic tent shapes in different colours in advance.IMG_2570

Making our Abraham in his tent craft at toddler group

Lay out your craft area to make it look welcoming. If it’s a large group don’t put out all your supplies at once but keep some for children who want to do the craft later in the session.

Abraham in his tent craft

Our Bible Story was all about how Abraham left his home and went to a new land that God had promised to show him. This story is found in Genesis 12:1. Abraham travelled around this new land and lived in a tent. So our craft is Abraham in his tent!

‘Abraham’ came to toddler group in the Story Bag! We did lots of pointing to our ears when we heard how Abraham listened to God and lots of walking (hands on knees and making the sound of footsteps) as we heard how Abraham did what God said and went to a new place to live.

Later on we told the story about the birth of Isaac – the craft is almost the same but with more people! Take a look at this post Isaac is Born to see the craft idea.

I used a picture of Abraham from the web for the craft but have made a download of Abraham for you to use. Use the link below.

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  1. Thank you so much – needed some inspiration for our session on God keeps his promises. Going to use black paper for background and get children to stick on loads of stars! Was perfect timing!

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