Things to make at home (toddlers and primary school age)

Here are some things to keep you busy at home – with links to the main blog post and any printables and/or instructions

Make a thank you craft for all the good things that God gives to us
Make a prayer bag
Make a friendly scarecrow
Make a paper plate blossom spiral
Rahab and the walls of Jericho. Build the story with duplo.
Bible time house to make
Printable colouring sheets – ‘When I am at home, God is there’
Cress to grow at home
Springtime song printables

You can colour of decorate the printables –

2 thoughts on “Things to make at home (toddlers and primary school age)

  1. Dear Rachel, thank you so much for this website. I can see that so much hard work and care has gone into it. I have only just found it. In January this year we set up a Tiny Tots group at our church. We prayed a lot about it beforehand and the response has been overwhelming. Fifty families have signed up in the first term and our hall isn’t big enough!! A good problem to have. I am organising the craft each week. I have taught in Sunday school for a long time but your fun, age-appropriate ideas are inspired and just wonderful. Thank you so much. I thought I must write to say thanks for sharing them so freely and for sharing your teaching experience.
    Many good wishes from Caroline (Colchester Essex)

    1. Dear Caroline, that is very knd of you. I am really glad that you are finding the ideas helpful. Toddler Groups are so important in our communities. Fifty families is a lot! But also so encouraging to be reaching so many people and their toddlers. I hope that you continue to find your group a blessing as you run it each week. If I can be of any help with ideas please get in touch – I’m based in East london so not all that far away. Thank you for taking the time to comment – it’s made my day! -Rachel

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