Weaving Craft

This is a great activity for an after school club for children aged 4-plus. It needs a bit of prep but is well worth the effort. We made these at our children’s club – everyone joined in – lots of concentration!

  • Paper plate (cut the petals – we have 11. It’s best to have an odd number as it makes the weaving easier. It’s always ‘over, under,with an odd number!’)
  • Yarn – we used Double Knitting for the inner circle and Aran for the outer circle. Look at the photo below to see the difference. It’s helpful to have the yarn in small amounts as this helps with the weaving.
  • Cellotape to secure the yarn at the back of the plate

  • Cut the petals – have a look at the photos to see how far to cut into the plate.
  • Thread the loom – use any colour but one that stands out will make a great contrast when you are weaving.
  • To start weaving knot the first colour of yarn at the centre and then start weaving alternating ‘over, under’.
  • Change colour as often as you like by knotting a new colour to the old colour.
  • Use the Aran weight yarn as the circle gets bigger.

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