H is for Horeb – Bible Alphabet

In Deuteronomy 5 Moses refers to the mountain  where he received the ten commandments as mount Horeb. (In Exodus it is called Mount Sinai – same place; different name) To tell the story I used a simple picture of a mountain drawn on to a large roll of paper (from Ikea). There was a ‘mini… Read More H is for Horeb – Bible Alphabet

Make a life-size Goliath

The Bible tells us that Goliath was over 9 feet tall. (Read the story in 1 Samuel 17). It isn’t always easy to imagine just how tall someone is so we made a life size Goliath. The basic technique for doing this can be used for many pictures and would be very good for making… Read More Make a life-size Goliath

Bible Alphabet – f is for field where treasure was found.

In the Bible Alphabet at Toddler group we are on to ‘f’. I decided to go with field – the story that Jesus told about the man who found treasure buried in a field, sold all he had, bought the field and then owned the treasure. You can find the story in Matthew 13:44. To… Read More Bible Alphabet – f is for field where treasure was found.

a is for Adam

A is for Adam! This is the start of our Bible Alphabet. We’ll have a Bible Story connected to each letter each story time for 26 weeks. There will be lots of variety as some letters will stand for people, others for places and some for jobs! a is for Adam story idea A long… Read More a is for Adam

Bible alphabet – E is for Eve

E is for Eve. Although the bible doesn’t say that Eve ate an apple we used an apple to tell the story from Genesis 3 as it’s a familiar fruit for the children. It worked well having two real apples to choose from held by a person pretending to be a tree. Then an adult playing… Read More Bible alphabet – E is for Eve

Lion craft – Daniel

This lion craft is great when telling the story of Daniel praying to God and being thrown into the lion’s den. We’ve been going through a Bible alphabet and have used Daniel for the letter d. You could also tell this story to teach children about prayer as Daniel prayed each day and didn’t stop.… Read More Lion craft – Daniel