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God made the sun, moon and stars

This week at Toddler group we learnt that God made the sun, moon and stars. I put on my sunhat and sunglasses for the sun and we pretended to be asleep when we thought about the moon and stars. God made these things just by speaking and they were very good! (we all do thumbs up).

Our craft was making a paper plate sun and a paper plate moon surrounded by stars. We used pre-cut card stars (charity shop find) and pasta shapes, silver and yellow tissue paper and PVA glue. The moon and stars were glued onto black card. The chidren and parents are free to use the craft materials as they like so we have some suns covered in stars 🙂 It’s all about the fun of making rather than the end product.


Our songs were all part of the theme too. These laminated posters are displayed during the session to advertise our song and story time!


The Treasure Box People

It’s great when things come together isn’t it? This week it’s my turn to tell the story at Tuesday Toddler Group and it’s The Lost Sheep. A week ago I ordered a Treasure Box (they have a special offer and I couldn’t resist) and it’s all about The Lost Sheep.

The Treasure Box People is a subscription box designed for families to learn more about the Bible together. (£10 for a single – enough for one child and £15 for up to three children) Each month you receive a box full of craft ideas (and more!) to make as a family with easy instructions and everything you need. There is a Bible story book to read together. The crafts, games and ideas for prayer all relate to this story. In my box it is Nick Butterworth’s and Mick Inkpen’s retelling of The Lost sheep. My children would have loved this!

I really like the variety of activities – the pom pom sheep is a make that will take some time, the shepherd is a bit quicker to put together and the lost sheep game would be great to play every day! The packaging is child friendly paper bags. And children love getting something through the post.

The Treasure Box People spring special offer has a few more days to run. Well worth trying out for yourself. Here’s the link

Spring Sale from the Treasure Box People

While you are here have a look at my giveaway 

God made water – and a giveaway!

This term we’ll be using Scripture Union’s Tiddlywinks ‘The Big Green Book’ each week at toddlers.IMG_1013

We will adapt the different ideas each week to suit our group. We are starting with ‘God’s Wonderful World’. It’s all about water. So here’s my craft idea – with a PDF for you and my collection of wet weather gear that I’m planning on dressing up in.

PDF – Umbrella & Rain

When I ordered the ‘The Big Green Book’ from Eden Books I managed to order two copies! So I have a spare to give away. If you would like to be in with a chance of winning just leave a comment. Closing date midnight Thursday 27 April.

Edit – just to add that we will post to Canada, US and Europe 🙂

Easter egg – messy craft!

This is a craft where you get in a bit of a sticky mess – but it’s fun! The egg shape is polystyrene. (I bought them from Amazon) I covered it in PVA glue and added tissue paper layers. If you finish off with a layer of glue it’ll look shiny. Experiment with the decoration. I added some cut up feathers to one egg. Chocolate sweet wrappers would look great too. Leave the decorated eggs to dry on some clingfilm as they shouldn’t stick to the film!