L is for lost sheep – Bible alphabet (Pdf for craft activity)

Luke 15:1-7. Jesus told the parable of the lost sheep.

To tell the story to young children

Very young children will probably benefit from using smaller numbers – maybe just up to ten with the number ten sheep missing.  Before you begin hide a sheep but unless you have a small group give the task of looking for it to a helper (who knows where to look!).

You could dress as a shepherd or take have a picture of a shepherd to show (we had a shepherd’s crook to show too). Ask the children what sort of animal a shepherd looks after and if they don’t know after one or two tries tell them – a shepherd looks after sheep. Ask them to make the sound a sheep makes. Explain that Jesus told a story about a shepherd who had 10 (100) sheep. He looked after them. At the end of the day he counted them. Have some sheep to count and count them altogether 1,2,,3,4,5,6,7,8,9…..Oh no one is missing! Where can he be? At this point pretend to look for the sheep and find him.

Explain that Jesus told the story to tell everyone that he has come to look for people – to help them to know and love God.

Craft Ideas

Pegs for legs sheep – print on to card and cut out for young children. They can decorate their sheep. make sure an adult adds the legs.

Sheep collage – print on to paper and decorate with cotton wool and wax crayons.

Sheep    – Pdf file – free to use

Sheep_(peg_legs)  – Pdf file – free to use






Design your own Snowboard craft – free Pdf


The Winter Olympics are here so here is a really easy and effective craft to celebrate. Print out the snowboard shapes onto card and decorate with age appropriate materials.

You could look for pictures of snowboards to give the children inspiration.



Valentine Wreath Craft – free Pdf


Valentine day craft.

To make:

Print a circle on to card for each child. Either cut them out for the children or let older children do that for themselves.

Print red and white hearts and again either cut them out for the children or let them do that themselves. They could add the names of family members to the hearts.

The ribbon can either be the verse from 1 John or blank for the child’s name. The children could colour this.

Let the children arrange the ribbon and hearts as they wish and then they can stick them down with glue.

I’ve included Pdf files of the templates.

Love_hearts     Wreath       Wreath_Ribbon         Wreath_Ribbon_(Blank)


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K is for King David

In the Bible Alphabet series I decided on the story of David being anointed as King  for the letter k.

The story is found in 1 Samuel 16. I used a story bag that contained a crown and pictures of Samuel, Jesse, the seven brothers and David. The pictures were based on the ideas for illustrations in this book


To tell the story : Although the story is about David being anointed we did use the idea of a crown to help explain David being chosen as the new king.

Have a crown to show. Who wears a crown? A king wears a crown

God told Samuel that he had chosen a new king and that he would show Samuel who the new king was.

Samuel was told to go to Jesse’s home. One of Jesse’s sons would be the new king.

Show the pictures of Samuel and Jesse.


In a bag have the other pictures of the seven brothers and David.

Take out these pictures one at a time and each time say

‘Was this the new King. He was big and strong and handsome?’

No. He’s not the new king’

Repeat this till all seven brothers have been taken out of the bag.


Where’s the new king?

Are there any more sons?

Just one called David. But, he’s looking after the sheep.

Encourage the children to call for David. Then take him out of the story bag.


David wasn’t big but God had chosen him. God knew he was the right one to be King because God sees what we are really like. God knows everything about us.

(I’m sure you could draw a better sheep 🙂

Creation mobile – free Pdf file

Creation Mobile (1) – print as many as you like. Free to use.



IMG_4094To make this mobile you need

1. One print out for each child – see the Pdf file with this post. It’s free for you to use.

2. Crayons, pencils, felt tips

3. Hole punch

4. Thread/wool

5. Darning needle

To make

Make a mobile to show to the children so they can see what they are aiming for.

Colour the pictures. I added clouds to the circle.

Cut the pictures out. You might want to do this for young children. Be willing to help.

Punch holes in each picture and holes in the circle. Do this at regular spaced gaps so the mobile isn’t too lopsided.

Before you attach the pictures to the circle – find the centre of the circle (fold into quarters to do this) and with the darning needle thread some cotton through the centre. Tie a knot to secure the thread and tie a loop at the opposite end of the thread so the mobile can be hung up.

This mobile is just the first five days of creation. Of course you can add other pictures.