Animal Bible Stories and crafts

I thought I’d put all the animal bible stories and crafts that we’ve done at toddler group in one place! These are all suitable for under fives. We have ravens, bees, big fish, lions, fox and sheep. Of course you could add Creation and Noah to the list for even more animals! Animal Bible Stories… Read More Animal Bible Stories and crafts

Nehemiah and the fox! – animal stories

Nehemiah was given the job of rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem. His enemies made fun of him, ‘if a fox climbs on your wall it will fall down!’ (Nehemiah 4:3) they said. But Nehemiah kept building and with God’s help the wall was finished! In the story bag – wooden bricks for the wall (not… Read More Nehemiah and the fox! – animal stories

Jonah and the Whale (big fish) – animal stories

Week three of Bible animal stories was Jonah. Craft Idea – Can you spot Jonah? He is hidden away inside the big fish! Here is a PDF of the fish  whale (1) Jonah was made from cutting up concertina people bought from Amazon. The sea is crepe paper strips and cellophane strips. You have to… Read More Jonah and the Whale (big fish) – animal stories

shepherd and sheep printable

There are lots of Bible Stories about people who were shepherds  – Abel, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob,  Joseph and his brothers, Moses, David and Jesus is the Good Shepherd. I’ll be using this colouring page as the craft for the story about Moses and the burning bush. (Exodus 3). As we do the craft before and… Read More shepherd and sheep printable

God made big animals – paper plate craft ideas

Paper plates, tissue paper, glue and a bit of preparation = animal crafts that look great and are fun to make. You can add googly eyes, wool, stickers for eyes, triangles for a nose… Here are a couple that I’ve made – There are loads of ideas on my paper plate pinterest board 

Having Breakfast with Jesus

We’ve been thinking about animals in the Bible in toddler group and we are very near the end of term. This is our last animal story. I decided to do fish – they are mentioned quite a lot in the gospels! The story is from John 21. This is a brief outline. In the story… Read More Having Breakfast with Jesus