The Prodigal Son – Stories Jesus Told

Paper plate pig craft
This little piggie went to toddler group!

This is one of the stories that Jesus told about the lost and the found. The younger son wants his money and spends the lot. He ends up feeding the pigs and comes to his senses. But when he goes home he is welcomed by his father. This son was lost but now is found!

To tell the story use some props including money, party streamers/hats, pretend pigs, new robe/coat/ring/shoes.

The Prodigal Son Story Idea

Jesus told the people a story….

‘Once upon a time there was a man who had two sons (count to two). The younger son wanted his father’s money. So the father decided to share all his things between his two sons. Now they had a lot of money. (jingle the money)

The younger son packed his bag and went far, far away. He loved spending his money! He had lots and lots of parties (show party streamers/hats) with his new friends. It was so much fun being rich! But one day, he looked in his pocket for more money and it had all gone! He looked in the other pocket – no more money! He had spent every last penny! He was in trouble.

What could he do?

He needed a job. So he went to work looking after pigs. Can you make the noise do pigs make? Oink, oink! He was so hungry that he could have eaten the food that the pigs ate. No one helped him. Can you imagine how sad he felt?

‘I will go back to my father,’ he said. ‘My father will give me a better job than sitting here with these pigs.’

So he walked and walked and walked till he could see his old home far away in the distance.

Someone saw him coming. Someone had been looking and hoping that he would come back home. Who do you think it was? It was his father. His father ran down the road to meet him and gave him a great big hug.

‘I’m sorry,’ said the son

‘I forgive you,’ said the father. ‘Now let’s celebrate that you have come back home!’

The father gave his son new clothes to wear, new shoes and a ring. (show these items) He was so happy that he had a party.

‘My son was lost,’ he said, ‘but now he is found.’

When we come back to God it is like we were lost but are now found.

Craft Idea – Paper Plate Pink Pigs.

All you need 

paper plate

pink tissue paper and crepe paper cut into squares (roughly)


circles from pink sugar paper for snout. Use a paper punch to cut circles

ear shapes cut from sugar paper

stickers for nostrils and eyes

pink crayons (optional)

paper plate pigs made by the children

Allow plenty of self expression when the children create their craft!

paper plate pigs made by me to give children and parents an idea of what to aim at.

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