Paper plate lion

I’m putting together some paper plate crafts for a Noah’s Ark themed family event. I’ve made a lion before with wool for the mane but fancied a change so have used mini cup cake liners. As parents are there to make the crafts alongside their children there will be minimal prep –

all you need – cake liners in orange and yellow, yellow tissue paper, googly eyes……..IMG_1416IMG_1417…….black sugar paper, black felt tip pen, scissors, glue and paper plate.

Use the wrong side of the plate to make the lion.


Holiday Bible Club Crafts

We are getting ready for a HBC – these three crafts fit our sport theme. The paper bags, trophy and flag are all from ‘the little crafty bugs company’. The template for the paper bag runner puppet (it cost $4 ) is from ‘teachers pay teachers’.

To decorate each craft we’ve got googly eyes, wool, crayons, cake cases, tissue paper, stickers, pens and crayons…


‘Thank you God’ big book

This past week I needed a large -ish visual aid to use at Toddler Group that was a change from a story bag. So I made a big book. Well, it’s nearer to an envelope really. Very simple to make. All you need is A3 cartridge paper (it does need to be strong paper) x2, some double sided tape, string and cellotape. The basic idea is that you gradually take pictures out of the book/envelope by pulling on the string that has pictures attached.

To make – print out pictures of the things you are thankful for. On one of the A3 sheets of paper secure the string. Then attach your printed pictures onto the length of string – make sure you space them well. Better to have loads of string rather than very small gaps between pictures. Leave a length of string to hang outside the book/envelope. Decorate your front cover. Then using double sided tape stick the A3 sheets of paper together on three sides only. I also used cellotape around three sides.

The person is meant to be me! I used large people shapes from Baker Ross. These are OK but a bit tricky to colour with crayons as they are shiny. The pictures were from the internet – food, a home and a family.

If I was doing this with over three’s I would get enough supplies for each child to make their own and then use the ‘book’ as a prayer help. Older children could select their own pictures or write. If doing the latter an A4 or A5 sized book would be fine.


Bible time house to make

To make a small model of a bible time house all you need is an empty cardboard box, double-sided tape, paint, brown crayon, scissors, sugar paper.

Start by taking the box apart to it’s net – so you can turn it inside out – and then remake it using double-sided tape. ait it. Leave it to dry. Add some crayon colour to give it some ‘texture’. Add the steps up to the roof, door and window and some shrubs using sugar paper.  And it’s all done.

Children aged 7 up could easily make their own house (younger children would need some help). You could make a whole village.


making a house for santa

Lots of fun making these this morning.

Very simple to make

The biscuits are Tesco own brand. Icing in squeezable tubes. (Dr Oetker but Sainsburys own is very good). Smarties and Santa jelly babies.

funny face craft

This craft is suitable for all ages – all you need is collage materials, facial features cut from magazines or pictures from the internet, glue, face shapes and sugar paper. Older children can cut out the facial features they want to use.  You can either go for proper likenesses or make some funny crazy faces.

I used faces from Amazon

You could use this craft for Thank you God for my eyes, ears, mouth, nose. With toddlers there are lots of opportunities to talk about our faces as the craft is made.

Picasso made a lot of funny faces – you might want to print some of his pictures to show the children. Take a look at this Pinterest board.

SAM_1031 SAM_1032 SAM_1035 SAM_1037 SAM_1038

Autumn/fall craft ideas and colourful!

Autumn is here!

Autumn is a very colourful time of year. These crafts celebrate the bright reds, oranges and yellows. If you have a toddler then give them a selection of colours but limit them to autumnal shades. You can teach the names of the colours as you make the different crafts.

Idea One – making a wreath that celebrates autumn. These are just ideas to get you started. You may want to add tissue paper, wool, real leaves … at the end of this post is a free Pdf file of a blank wreath shape. This can be printed onto A4 card. Older children will be able to cut it out themselves. It would be a good idea to decorate first and then cut out.

SAM_1672 SAM_1673 SAM_1674 SAM_1675 SAM_1681 SAM_1682 SAM_1683 SAM_1684 SAM_1685 SAM_1686 SAM_1687 SAM_1688 SAM_1689 SAM_1690

To make an autumn wreath you will need a cut out wreath shape (use card), coloured paper, paper punch, paint ( I used acrylic), paint brushes, skeleton leaves ( from docrafts papermania), glue, hole punch, wool or thread.

Older children can use a paper punch to make the leaf shapes and then use the remaining paper as a stencil. On the wreath stencil leaves with autumn colours using the acrylic paint (this is not easy to wash out of clothes so you will need to provide aprons or use thick washable poster paint. Watery paint won’t work so well).

When the paint is dry add leaf shapes and finally add the skeleton leaves.

Punch a hole in the top of the wreath and add wool or thread.

If younger children are making these prepare the materials ahead of time and help with the stenciling. You may secure the stencils with some masking tape so they don’t move around and smudge.

Idea two

Falling leaves collage pictures

Again use a paper punch to make leaves and use the left over paper as a stencil. Start with stencilling, leave to dry completely and then add leaves.

Another twist on this idea is to use a large leaf shape to begin. Add autumn coloured tissue paper, cut out leaves etc to the large leaf. this would be great with younger children in particular.



SAM_1693 SAM_1692 SAM_1691

SAM_1694 SAM_1695 SAM_1696 SAM_1697 SAM_1698 SAM_1699

free wreath Pdf


Enjoy making some Autumn crafts!