Cup Cake Cases Flower Wreath

This is an easy craft – older children can have a go at making the flowers. Younger children can have fun choosing colour combinations and everyone can glue the flowers onto the cardboard circle. All you need Cardboard wreath (affiliate link) Glue Scissors for older children to use (for toddlers an adult can do the… Read More Cup Cake Cases Flower Wreath

Easter Craft

To make all you need is – picture of the empty tomb printed onto card (see file to download – there is a choice – one has the words ‘Jesus is alive!’), pictures of flowers from garden catalogues, glue, pencils and crayons. Make the picture while the card is flat and then fold in half… Read More Easter Craft

Valentine Craft

Lots of hearts in different colours and sizes and some blank cards. Optional flower pot. The above card was mine. The children made their own versions!

Weaving Craft

This is a great activity for an after school club for children aged 4-plus. It needs a bit of prep but is well worth the effort. We made these at our children’s club – everyone joined in – lots of concentration! Paper plate (cut the petals – we have 11. It’s best to have an… Read More Weaving Craft

Elisha and the Widow’s Oil craft ideas

In 2 Kings 4:1-7 We read about Elisha helping a widow who needed to pay her debts. He told her to borrow as many empty jars of oil as she could from neighbours and then go inside her home and close the door. What happened next shows us God’s care for his people. Telling the… Read More Elisha and the Widow’s Oil craft ideas

‘Thank you God for yummy food’ craft

To Make You need A4 card with holes punched at the top (landscape) centre and thread added Stick on lots of pictures of fruit and vegetables (from gardening catalogues) Add the ribbon/banner. See download below. Hang up in the kitchen! While you are making talk about the names of the fruit and vegetables, their colours… Read More ‘Thank you God for yummy food’ craft

Easter Story Paper Plate Craft

Paper plates are just so great for craft ideas (and can be used as storytelling props too) This simple paper plate idea can be used as both. The craft is for a child and adult to make together while talking about the Easter Story. You need – paper plate, tissue paper or similar in green… Read More Easter Story Paper Plate Craft

Star Christmas decoration to make – using lollipop sticks

Lots of sequins are needed for this simple star shaped decoration for the Christmas Tree! You will also need PVA glue Paint – I used yellow but you can use any colour poster paint Sequins ‘Joy to the World’ mini banner (free download available below) A button and thread Six lollipop/ popsicle sticks per star.… Read More Star Christmas decoration to make – using lollipop sticks

How to make an angel – craft video

This is my first attempt at a craft video (sorry for the pause in the middle – my phone did that all by itself!). Enjoy!

Homes Jesus visited – Zacchaeus (video)

Zacchaeus story video and craft idea… Read More Homes Jesus visited – Zacchaeus (video)