The story of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream – God knows everything

The Bible teaches that God is all knowing. He never needs to learn anything, we cannot teach him anything. He never needs to change.

Psalm 147:5 ‘Great is our Lord, and abundant in power, his understanding is beyond measure.’

The story from Daniel 2 illustrates this truth.

To tell the story you will need a story bag and some puppets on sticks made from pictures that have been coloured and cut out. You need the main characters – Nebuchadnezzar, some wise men and Daniel. If telling the story to older children add more characters from the story such as Daniel’s friends. Pre schoolers benefit from less detail and a focus on the main points of the story.

The story

It was a dark night. The stars were in the sky. King nebuchadnezzar was fast asleep in his bed. Maybe he was snoring! Then he had a dream. King Nebuchadnezzar didn’t like the dream. It woke him up and he was unhappy.

The next morning he called all his wise men. ‘I had a dream he said. I want to know what it meant.’

The wise men said, ‘Tell us what happened in your dream and we”ll tell you what it means’

‘No!’ said the king. ‘Tell me the dream and what it means or I will get rid of all of you and knock down your houses!’.

The wise men looked at each other. They were worried . How could they know what the dream was if the king didn’t tell them!’

But there was one wise man who could help. His name was Daniel. He talked to God and asked God to help.

He came to see the king.

‘Can you tell me the dream and what it means?’ asked the king

‘No wise man can do that Daniel said,’but God knows everything and he knows about the dream and what it means and God has shown me your dream and what it means.’

God knows everything about us. He knows everthing about evereything. God is very great.

During the story you can also add actions to keep the children’s attention. If you do this have somewhere to stand the puppets or have another adult hold them for you.

SAM_1889 SAM_1890


Most of the pictures were taken from ‘Instant Art for Pre-school colouring by Arthur Baker published by Keven Mayhew. I have searched their website but I think it is now out of print 😦 They do however have lots of other lovely stuff,



The story of Hagar – God is everywhere

You can use this story about Hagar to teach children that God is everywhere. We can never be somewhere that is away from God. Wherever we go, God is there. The suggested craft activity is a bus – children may sometimes go on a bus journey – but no matter where they travel to – God is there. This is a real comfort to children and adults.

The story is written for telling at a toddler group. If telling to older children include more detail from the Bible passage.

The story of Hagar can be found in Genesis 16. She was Sarah’s slave and Ishmael’s mother. Things were difficult for Hagar and she ran away.But God knew where she was and spoke to her. God gave Hagar a promise about the son she would give birth to. She responds with the acknowledgement that ‘You are a God of seeing. Truly here I have seen him who looks after me.’

To tell the story to young children you will need

A story bag with a doll to represent Hagar.


Begin by taking ‘Hagar’ from the bag and introducing her to the children (say hello to Hagar – children wave)

Hagar was very sad. Can you pretend to be sad?

She decided to run away. Pretend to run by tapping hands on knees or run on the spot. Get the children to join in.

Then she sat down. No other people  there.

But, God knew where Hagar was.

He talked to her. ‘It will all be alright Hagar. Go back home’.

Hagar listened. She knew God could see where she was. She knew that God is everywhere.

‘You are the God who looks after me.’ she said.

Hagar was happy again. She went back home.

God sees you too and cares for you wherever you go. Wherever you go God is there.

The following is a simple craft to go with the story – ‘Wherever I go, God is there’. Print as many as you need. The children can add colour and people. I used some smiley face stickers for the people on the bus.



God_is_everywhere_(Bus) PDF file.

A Christmas craft collection

Here’s a selection of Christmas crafts on this blog for this year with links to find them easily – let me know if you make any and how they work. happy Christmas crafting!



Button craft Christmas tree is here



Star Christmas decoration is here


Super easy Christmas Tree picture is here.


Button Christmas card is here.


Christmas heart wreath is here.


Super easy icicle Christmas tree decoration is here.

Button Christmas card to make

This is a lovely idea and very easy to make. You need to be patient though – let the glue dry completely or the buttons will fall off!



Christmas heart wreath






To make this wreath you will need a paper plate with the centre cut out. Paint this red or green. Leave to dry. Cut out lots of hearts in christmasy paper – a paper punch like the one in the photo will save a lot of time. Older children could use one but I would prepare the hearts ahead of time. Glue these to the paper plate wreath. Add ribbon.

You could use coloured paper plates but make sure the glue you have sticks to them, especially if they look shiny. Wired ribbon will hold a bow shapes fairly well. I bought the one in the photo from Costco.

Super-easy icicle Christmas tree decoration

I found this decoration idea on Pinterest. Take a look at the original by Happy Hooligans here. It is so simple and easy to make but also looks great. There is no need for glue or paint either!

All you need are some glittery pipe cleaners, beads – I used circular and star shaped and a pencil to wrap the pipe cleaner around to make the spiral shape.



Make a ‘knot’ at the bottom of the spiral by twisting the pipe cleaner around a few times so that the beads don’t fall off.


Thread the beads on. I chose to leave spaces between groups of three. At the end of the pipe cleaner make a hook shape so it will hang from the Christmas tree.


I loved making this craft. It is so simple but looks fabulous! It is only suitable for children over 5 years old as the beads are a chocking hazard.


Star Christmas decoration – using lollipop sticks

Lots of sequins are needed for this simple star shaped decoration for the Christmas Tree! You will also need

PVA glue, paint – I used yellow but you can use any colour poster paint, sequins, ‘Joy to the World’ mini banner, a button and thread and six lollipop/ popsicle sticks per star. (plus some spare in case of any mishaps!)

To make

1. Paint six lollipop/popsicle sticks and leave to dry.

2. Once dry glue together – layer the sticks as shown in the photo. and leave for the glue to dry.

3. Meanwhile thread the cotton through the button – tie in a knot to make a loop. This will be used to hang the star from the tree.

4. Glue the threaded button to the top of the lollipop stick star.

5. Glue sequins and glitter all over the star. Before you add sequins to the top lollipop stick glue the mini ‘Joy to the World’ banner in place and then add sequins either side of it.