Baby Moses paper plate craft

Here’s some simple instructions for making the Baby Moses paper plate craft. I’ve made a baby Moses paper plate craft before (you can find it here) but wanted something a little simpler for our Holiday Bible Club as we don’t have a lot of time per age group. So this time there was no drawing round hands and the paper plate is a square plate.

To prepare the Baby Moses paper plate craft I pre cut a slit in each square plate, prepared a piece of green card the right size to slot into the slit and printed lots of baby Moses’s (there is a link to the download below) and basket lids.

The children needed to cut the green card to make reeds, slot into the plate (a leader then used cellotape to secure the green card under the plate), the children mould a plasticine basket and place a coloured in Moses inside. The plate was decorated with blue and white tissue paper. A label was added ‘God kept Moses safe’ by ________ ; the children fill in the blank with their name. 

You could use air drying clay to make the basket but the plasticine was pretty much mess free. There is a softer version of plasticene for young children.

Baby Moses paper plate craft Baby Moses paper plate craft

Moses has a sad face because he was crying when the basket was opened.

Square blue paper plates are from here

Plasticine also from here and also Hobbycraft and WHSmith.

Two free downloads of the baby Moses and lids for the baskets Baby Moses (x 24) Baby Moses Basket Lid (x 12)


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