The Man with Four Friends – A Bible Number Story

We are up to the number four! For the other numbers we have told stories about have a look at these links – Number One, Number Two, Number Three This week the Bible Story is from Mark 2:1-22. The Bible Truth for Toddlers is ‘Jesus can forgive the wrong that people do’. To tell the… Read More The Man with Four Friends – A Bible Number Story

Easter Story Video

Palm Sunday Story Video

A short retelling of the Palm Sunday Story I made this video for toddler group. You are very welcome to use it 🙂

Jesus is Baptised – story video

The Wise Men find The King – video story

The Birth of Jesus story video

Feel free to share this story video. The illustrations are from CEF Press and the words are my own based on the Gospel of Luke.

Houses Jesus visited – the home he never visited! (video)

This is the last short story in this series. The house that Jesus never visited!

Zacchaeus story video and craft

Zacchaeus story video and craft idea… Read More Zacchaeus story video and craft

Homes Jesus visited – The Crowded House (video)

Homes Jesus visited – Mary and Martha (video)

I’ve had a go at making a short video to share with our toddler group parents. If you like it and want to use it feel free! I’m still learning how to do this so any hints and tips welcome 🙂 The pictures are from Free Bible Images. The words are my own.