God made everything story and craft.

God made everything story and craft for toddler group and preschoolers. This is the first page of our Big Book that we made here. The Story is based on Genesis 1 There are lots of different ways to tell the story of creation. You can use pictures, paper plates that represent the different days, objects… Read More God made everything story and craft.

Craft supplies you need!

Craft supplies come in all shapes and sizes (and price ranges!). Here are some ideas of what you need (or would really like) when doing crafts with young children. Some craft supplies can be bought especially for doing crafts at home or in toddler group but there are others that you possibly already have or… Read More Craft supplies you need!

Make a big book!

Make a big book to use at story time! I’m always looking for a new idea for story time. I like something visual and easy to use. I think it’s important to have props that help children and adults listen to the story and enjoy story time. We’ve completed a Bible Alphabet (a story for… Read More Make a big book!

Easy Story Bag Ideas

Story Bag Ideas that are easy to find and use! If you tell Bible Stories in a Toddler Group setting or with young children in Sunday School you will probably have used a Story Bag. (It’s slightly different from providing a Story Bag for sharing in a small group or one to one as you… Read More Easy Story Bag Ideas

Songs and rhymes for toddlers!

Singing songs and saying rhymes with toddlers is a great way of helping young children learn. They are fun and interactive. Most toddler groups have a song time using well known favourites. Repetition is good! Here’s a handy list of song and rhyme ideas that are great for toddlers. Singing with toddlers often means having… Read More Songs and rhymes for toddlers!

Wax Resist Pictures

Wax resist pictures are fun and easy to create. All you need is some paper, wax crayons, watery paint and a paint brush. You can make patterns and pictures – it’s very easy and relatively mess free. If you want to create a pattern then it’s fun to start with taking a crayon for a… Read More Wax Resist Pictures