Let’s Bake Coronation Crown Biscuits!

Let’s bake Coronation Crown Biscuits that are easy to make and very moreish! This recipe is straightforward – you only need three ingredients. It’s from a Book by Rosemary Wadey that I’ve had for years. It’s easy to increase the quantity and you can decorate the biscuits or just sprinkle with sugar (or leave plain).… Read More Let’s Bake Coronation Crown Biscuits!

X is for Xerxes

X is for Xerxes is part of our Bible Alphabet. The following is a much shortened telling of the story of Esther, King Xerxes and Haman. When you are telling a story in a toddler group you have to shorten the narrative and find a way to tell the story simply. To read the full… Read More X is for Xerxes

Easy to make finger paint

Easy to make finger paint that uses three ingredients (and one of them is water!) I spent quite a while searching on line for ready made finger paints but was put off by some of the reviews. I really don’t want children breaking out in a rash because of allergies. The best thing about making… Read More Easy to make finger paint