Craft supplies you need!

Craft supplies come in all shapes and sizes (and price ranges!). Here are some ideas of what you need (or would really like) when doing crafts with young children. Some craft supplies can be bought especially for doing crafts at home or in toddler group but there are others that you possibly already have or… Read More Craft supplies you need!

X is for Xerxes

X is for Xerxes is part of our Bible Alphabet. The following is a much shortened telling of the story of Esther, King Xerxes and Haman. When you are telling a story in a toddler group you have to shorten the narrative and find a way to tell the story simply. To read the full… Read More X is for Xerxes

Easy to make finger paint

Easy to make finger paint that uses three ingredients (and one of them is water!) I spent quite a while searching on line for ready made finger paints but was put off by some of the reviews. I really don’t want children breaking out in a rash because of allergies. The best thing about making… Read More Easy to make finger paint

W is for Water from the Rock

The People of God were in the wilderness. They had escaped from Egypt but were thirsty. They moaned! God told Moses to strike the rock and out came water. The story is from Exodus 17:1-7 W is for Water from the Rock – story idea Have you ever felt hungry? God’s people had been hungry… Read More W is for Water from the Rock

Getting Started in Bible Storytelling!

Getting started in Bible Storytelling in a Toddler Group is sometimes daunting! It isn’t just that there are toddlers that we want to keep engaged but their adults are there too. This short course is to help you feel more confident and prepared. It can work as a refresher course too. There are four short… Read More Getting Started in Bible Storytelling!

The Wheels on the Bus Craft

The Wheels on the Bus is a well known and often sung song at Toddler Group so we made a fun craft to go with the song. The Bus can be decorated with collage materials and crayons. We added some fun face stickers too. Some ideas for collage materials You can decide if you want… Read More The Wheels on the Bus Craft