Journey to Bethlehem – week 3 – God’s promise to Abraham

This week the Bible story was all about God’s promise to Abraham to give him a huge family and to bless all the people on earth through that family. During the story I use the names Abraham and Sarah for simplicity. (At this point in the Bible they are still using the names Abram and Sara – and you can use these names if you prefer)

Bible Story – God’s Promise to Abraham (Genesis 12:1-3 and 15:5)

Bible truth for toddlers – Jesus was born into Abraham’s family

Say hello to Abraham! (take a puppet or doll from the story bag). Abraham lived a long, long, long time ago. 

One day God spoke to Abraham, ‘Pack up your things and leave the place where you are living. Go to a place that I will show you. I will make you a great nation and all the families on the earth will be blessed through you’. God was making a promise to Abraham.

Abraham listened to God and he did what God said. He and his wife Sarah (take another doll or puppet from the story bag) packed their things and off they went. 

God showed them where to go. 

Now after Abraham and Sarah had been living in their new home for quite a while God spoke to Abraham again.

Abraham was outside at night time. It was dark. God said to him, ‘Look up at the sky and all the stars. So many stars that you can’t count them. This is how large your family will be.’ 

Abraham listened to God and he believed God.

And Abraham did have a large family .. and from that large family came Jesus. He is the one that blesses the whole world.’

When we had finished the story we added another paper plate to all the others ..IMG_3692

So, altogether the story so far….

To make your own paper plates you need

Tissue paper


Cotton wool

A picture of Abraham

Spiral for the snake

Craft paper to decorate the snake

Cardboard tube for the tree


Flower shapes

Pictures of animals

Two faces – for Adam and Eve

Be creative!

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