A Great Light Party Lantern to make

Here’s a Light Party Lantern that is easy to make and inexpensive too! It’s a lantern that will twinkle in the dark and remind children that Jesus is the light of the World. If you are planning to celebrate a light party as an alternative to Halloween or you are looking for something to make at home then this craft is a fun make.

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All you need

All the things you need to make a light party lantern craft

How to make a light party lantern

Begin by getting the tissue paper squares ready. Let children select the colours they would like to use. They can cut them smaller if they wish

Turn the plastic cup upside down and cover half with glue. Stick on the tissue paper. It’s ok for colours to overlap. Once you’re happy do the other half.

Turn the cup the right way up. Add the word strip. If the cup is tapered this need to go in the middle.

The pipe cleaners make a great handle. Lay one pipe cleaner down flat on the work surface. Secure the other pipe cleaner in two places about a cup’s width apart. You may need to adjust this a bit as you go on. Secure the first pipe cleaner to the cup’s rim – just wrap it around and twist the ends together. You should have a secure handle to carry the lantern or hang it up.

Place a battery operated tea light in the cup – and you have a lantern!

A light party lantern lit with a battery operated tea light

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