Easter Garden to make at home

Easter or Resurrection Gardens are a great way to celebrate Easter. They are a reminder of the Easter story and are fun to make. Traditionally they would be made using soil, moss, flowers etc but this version is made entirely from paper and card – if you haven’t got easy access to soil and plants this is for you!

I’ve used – paper plate (a piece of card would do too), cereal box to make the cross (make two cross shapes and glue together so it will stand up), paper ice cream tub for the tomb ( a roll of paper with card glued over an end would be fine), a paper circle for the stone, tissue paper for the path and grass and pictures of flowers from magazines/garden catalogues.

To attach the cross add a fold and glue the tab
Add the tomb – this might need to be glued and then held in place till it has stuck. Make a fold on the edge of the circle for the tomb then glue the tab that you have made and glue down. If you want to add the words do that first.

Easter egg colouring printables

These A4 Easter Egg designs can be coloured or made into collages. Whatever you feel like doing! I’ve used wax crayons (you can blend the colours!), felt tips, tissue paper and some sugar paper circles. Cut out the egg shape after you’ve decorated it. If you want to paint then maybe print the shape onto card. Enjoy!

Holiday Bible Club Craft (2)

We used a wooden spoon based craft for the bible story about Jesus healing a man who had leprosy. You can read the story in Matthew 8.

The children drew a sad face one side of the spoon and a happy face the other. We used kitchen roll for the clothes – a fairly good quality brand that the children could decorate with felt pens. The arms and belt are pipe cleaners. Use a slighty longer pipe cleaner for the arms.

To make –

Draw the faces on the spoon and write name on the spoon handle

Colour/decorate the square of kitchen roll – I cut the kitchen roll squares into quarters which made them just the right size for our small wooden spoons. Once coloured fold the quarter in half and then in half again and make a small cut on the fold. Slide the spoon through this and then add the arms. Finally add the belt.

This basic idea can be used for retelling lots of Bible stories. Large wooden spoons make great puppets too. Have a look at this idea here.


memory monday

Do you ever teach a memory verse in Sunday School? Or in an after school church group? There are lots of ways to help children learn a verse from the Bible. So on Memory Mondays we’ll look at some ideas. New year – new Monday plan!

This Monday it’s Matthew 3:17 ‘A voice from heaven said, ‘This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased’

Getting started – give some examples about the things people say about us – let the children give ideas too. I wrote some out in speech bubbles to give ideas.


Talk about what our parents might say about us.

Moving on – explain that God the Father had something to say about his Son – Jesus. Read the verse from the Bible to the children. Was it good or bad? It was good! God was pleased with his Son, Jesus.

Take it to heart– the verse can be cut up – get the children to put it back together in the right order. If children aren’t confident readers make sure that you go through the words first and give some clues. If the group is large then prepare a couple of cut up verses and get the children to work in groups. img_0678img_0679


Christmas Quiz Idea – 5-11 year olds


I bought this felt bauble and tree wall decoration from hobbycraft a few weeks ago. At £6 I thought it was a bit of a bargain as felt isn’t cheap!

We will be using it as a Christmas quiz in a few weeks time at our Holiday Bible Club Christmas Special. Very simply – points have been added to the back of the main baubles with stickers. These will be in a bag. If you get a question right you get to pick a bauble from the bag. You split the children into two teams – even out the ages so they are as equal as possible. Give the teams names – something Christmassy. Someone keeps score. Even if everyone gets all the questions right there is still excitement as one team will get more points and the winner won’t be decided till the last question.

As a twist you can add a ‘give or keep’ option. In an envelope prepare lots of slips of paper that say ‘keep’ and a few that say ‘give’. After the bauble has been selected the child then dips into the envelope and picks one of the slips of paper. This does add excitement but you have to be sure that the children in your group will enjoy this and not find it disappointing if they pick a ‘give’ as if they do the points get given to the other team!

Of course this tree can be used for other things – a great item for Christmas Toddler group and crèche. My only complaint about it is that the loop at the top would not last if children were repeatedly putting on and taking off the baubles so it needs to be pinned up a different way of put flat on the floor for children to play with.

There are 24 items to attach to the tree so it could also be used as an Advent Tree.