The Wheels on the Bus Craft

The Wheels on the Bus is a well known and often sung song at Toddler Group so we made a fun craft to go with the song. The Bus can be decorated with collage materials and crayons. We added some fun face stickers too.

Some ideas for collage materials

  • Tissue paper squares (lots of colours)
  • Wool
  • Sugar paper cut up into different shapes
  • Bits of wrapping paper
  • Fabric (Cut into squares using pinking shears – it won’t fray)
  • Felt
  • Card shapes – often designed for card making, you might find some in charity shops
  • Petit four cases/Cup cake cases

You can decide if you want to use lots of different materials or just a few. It’s good for children to have some choice.

Here’s a printable of the bus

Here’s some lyrics for the Wheels on the Bus.

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