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This lion craft is great when telling the story of Daniel praying to God and being thrown into the lion’s den. We’ve been going through a Bible alphabet and have used Daniel for the letter d. You could also tell this story to teach children about prayer as Daniel prayed each day and didn’t stop.

The story below is written for three’s and under. If you use it then you can add counting to three on your fingers and of course use a made up lion paper plate at the right time in the story.

Lion Craft

You will need –

1. Paper plates – turned over and resting on the rim

2. Yellow and orange tissue paper/ crepe paper squares

3. Yellow wool cut into 5cm lengths ( or thereabouts!)

4. Glue sticks

5. Black  paper triangles

6. Black crayons (for the children to draw on the lion’s mouth and whiskers – or you may want to do this in advance)

7. Googly eyes – if working with under fives an adult MUST supervise the use of these. Don’t leave them on the table for children to use as they are a chocking hazard. Of course you don’t have to use them at all!

Daniel in the Lion’s Den Story

Bible reference Daniel 6

‘Daniel lived a long time ago. Every day he would talk to God, On Sunday he talked to God and on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and  Saturday. Every day he went into his room and knelt down and talked to God. He talked to God in the morning, and at lunchtime and at night time. One , two , three times a day he talked to God. God loved to listen to Daniel talk to him. He heard everything that Daniel said.

But some people made trouble for Daniel. They went to the king and they got him to make a new rule that no one should pray to God.

Well, Daniel loved God and so that day he went home and he did what he always did – he knelt down to talk to God.

He was in BIG trouble. He was taken away from his house and put in a big pit in the ground and a stone was put over the top. It was dark. Daniel wasn’t on his own. Inside the pit there were lions! but God had sent an angel to keep the mouths of the lions shut. They could see Daniel and they could smell Daniel but they couldn’t hurt him.

God is very powerful. He is in charge. He kept Daniel safe.’

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