Birth of Jesus Story Video

The Birth of Jesus is the heart of Christmas. This story video begins with the journey to Bethlehem and ends with the Shepherds visit. Feel free to use and share.

Pringle people to make

Here’s some instructions on how to make pringle people. They are easy to make and really useful when telling Bible stories. You can make lots of variations and they stand up all by themselves which keeps the storytellers hands free for lots of actions! All you need to make pringle people How to make pringle… Read More Pringle people to make

Treasure in a Field – Stories Jesus Told

This Story is from Matthew 13:44. It’s all about finding treasure in a field. It’s just one verse but one clear meaning too – being in God’s kingdom is worth more than everything else. Story Idea You need some treasure in a box, a green blanket/cloth and a trowel or spade (keep the latter away… Read More Treasure in a Field – Stories Jesus Told

Followers of Jesus – Tabitha (Dorcas)

In Acts 9:36-43 we meet Tabitha (her Aramaic Name) or Dorcas (her Greek name), a follower of Jesus who sews clothes for the women in the church. The simple craft is a printout of a T-shirt that the children can decorate with fabric pieces. Use any fabric that you have! When Tabitha dies the church… Read More Followers of Jesus – Tabitha (Dorcas)

Parable of The Builders – Stories Jesus Told

This parable of the builders is from Luke 6:46-49. It’s a great story to tell as you can dress up as a builder, use actions, sing the song ‘The Wise Man Built His House Upon The Rock’, and, if you are feeling adventurous, use sand rock and water. But it is really helpful to explain… Read More Parable of The Builders – Stories Jesus Told