Getting Started in Bible Storytelling!

Getting started in Bible Storytelling in a Toddler Group is sometimes daunting! It isn’t just that there are toddlers that we want to keep engaged but their adults are there too. This short course is to help you feel more confident and prepared. It can work as a refresher course too.

There are four short videos – it won’t take too much of your time to watch. They are full of practical hints and tips.

Getting Started In Bible Storytelling to Young Children – Introduction

Session 2 – Finding your Focus

Session 3 – Engagement with the Bible Story

Session 4 – Build and Tell your Story

I hope that you enjoy this mini course and find it helpful.

2 thoughts on “Getting Started in Bible Storytelling!

  1. This is really helpful. I have 5s to 8s, but some of this still applies – especially with a lot of new young ones starting. Will share with the other leaders.

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