Easy Story Bag Ideas

Story Bag Ideas that are easy to find and use! If you tell Bible Stories in a Toddler Group setting or with young children in Sunday School you will probably have used a Story Bag. (It’s slightly different from providing a Story Bag for sharing in a small group or one to one as you… Read More Easy Story Bag Ideas

Getting Started in Bible Storytelling!

Getting started in Bible Storytelling in a Toddler Group is sometimes daunting! It isn’t just that there are toddlers that we want to keep engaged but their adults are there too. This short course is to help you feel more confident and prepared. It can work as a refresher course too. There are four short… Read More Getting Started in Bible Storytelling!

Storytelling tip #12

Collect together resources that can help you Go Teach and Scripture Union have some great resources that will help you tell Bible Stories in Toddler Group. Children’s Story Bibles and Bible Story books written for young children can be a big help too. They will give you ideas of how to phrase things and how… Read More Storytelling tip #12

Storytelling tip #10

Start a file of your storytelling ideas Keeping a collection of ideas is great – if you have a few weeks and you don’t know what to do you have ideas to fall back on. Think of themes – homes Jesus visited, stories people told, things God made. Under these headings add specific stories, prop… Read More Storytelling tip #10

Storytelling tip #5

Use the Bible – not your memory When preparing a Bible story rely on the Bible rather than your memory. Read the story a few times. Get it into your head. Read it out aloud. Sometimes we think we know a Bible story but we’ve forgotten somthing or added something. So, start with the Bible.

A let their light shine workshop!

On Saturday 15 February 2020 I’m running a workshop ‘Telling Bible Stories to Toddlers’ 9.30 (doors open at 9 for coffee and pastries) – 12 noon Broadmead Baptist Church, Chigwell Road, Woodford Green, IG8 8PE If you’d like to come along get in touch – it’s free! We will be thinking about how to make… Read More A let their light shine workshop!