The Last Supper – Luke 22

As part of the bigger Easter Story we’ve told the story of Jesus’ last meal with his disciples from Luke 22:7-20

The story

Jerusalem was full of people! They had come to the big city to celebrate Passover. Passover is a special meal – it reminds God’s people of how God saved them from being slaves in Egypt.

Jesus wanted to eat the special Passover meal with his friends. But there were so many people and there were people who wanted to hurt Jesus that the meal needed to be kept a secret! (Everyone say ‘shush’)

Jesus sent Peter and John into the city. ‘When you see a man carrying a water jar on his head follow him! He will go to the house where you can get the meal ready.’


Peter and John did what Jesus said and soon the meal was ready.

The Passover Meal is very special. Part of the meal would have been bread and wine (Show these).


Jesus said to his friends, ‘This is the last time I will be able to eat this special Passover meal with you. When you eat it in the future I want you to remember me.’

Jesus was going to rescue many people. he wanted his friends to remember that he was the rescuer.

Today Christians remember Jesus with a special meal – with bread and wine. (If possible have the items that your church uses for Communion to show the children)

Craft Idea – with a printable Lord’s Supper – Cup and Bread (1)


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  1. Hi Rachel,

    Thank you for blog story! Just writing story of paralysed man for Playtime.

    If leader was turning a cardboard box into the house in the story, do you think toddlers could help paint the walls white? What would they use? Would that work?

    Thought they could stick raffia or straw on the top flaps which could be opened to lower the man down!

    Any suggestions gratefully received!

    Hope you are well!


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    1. Hi Vicki, they could paint but not all groups have painting so maybe sticking paper squares could be an option. Are you thinking of each child making a craft or a group activity? If I was telling the story in my group I think I’d make a house beforehand with a large cardboard box and then have the children help me to take the roof apart.
      Hope you are well too!

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