Macmillan coffee morning @ toddler group.


We will be eating cake at toddler group this week as we join in with Macmillan’s biggest Coffee Morning. The usual £1 donation that adults make to toddler group will be given to Macmillan, plus anything extra people want to donate. The children will no doubt be eating cake too and we have a craft activity of the most basic kind – cupcakes to colour. I am still undecided as to whether to do some sticking too. Eating with gluey fingers isn’t yummy!

A few years ago we bought some plain cup cakes and some icing and sprinkles and the children decorated their own cakes but by story time they were so over excited – too much sugar.

Here’s a PDF of the cup cakes. cupcakes



‘Thank you God’ big book

This past week I needed a large -ish visual aid to use at Toddler Group that was a change from a story bag. So I made a big book. Well, it’s nearer to an envelope really. Very simple to make. All you need is A3 cartridge paper (it does need to be strong paper) x2, some double sided tape, string and cellotape. The basic idea is that you gradually take pictures out of the book/envelope by pulling on the string that has pictures attached.

To make – print out pictures of the things you are thankful for. On one of the A3 sheets of paper secure the string. Then attach your printed pictures onto the length of string – make sure you space them well. Better to have loads of string rather than very small gaps between pictures. Leave a length of string to hang outside the book/envelope. Decorate your front cover. Then using double sided tape stick the A3 sheets of paper together on three sides only. I also used cellotape around three sides.

The person is meant to be me! I used large people shapes from Baker Ross. These are OK but a bit tricky to colour with crayons as they are shiny. The pictures were from the internet – food, a home and a family.

If I was doing this with over three’s I would get enough supplies for each child to make their own and then use the ‘book’ as a prayer help. Older children could select their own pictures or write. If doing the latter an A4 or A5 sized book would be fine.



We often use knitted people to tell Bible stories so when I saw the sign for ‘The Knitted Bible Stories Exhibition’ outside Keswick Methodist Church I had to go inside. The exhibition was excellent – well laid out and welcoming. The knitting must have taken ages and the creativity is fantastic.

The Knitted Bible stories has a facebook page and can be booked. A great resource.

Getting back…..

Well, six weeks of no toddler group has flown by. I am now in school holiday mode, just in time to pull myself together and get back into the routine! There has been plenty of other things going on – outdoor children’s clubs, a team to cook for and all the normal stuff but I need to get my toddler group groove back. So this is how I’ve been doing that..

Some pinterest inspiration for craft – I love pinterest for ideas. You can do a general search for toddler crafts or be very specific. There’s so much to choose from. I have to be disciplined not to spend too long in the world of pinterest.


A dose of motivation – why do this each week of school term? Well lots of reasons – here’s the one I’m thinking about this term, ‘ Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me.’ Mark 9:37

Some planning. We have an idea of the themes and Bible stories for each week.These may change but it feels good to have some plans on paper.  A Macmillan coffee morning is also planned ( and our kit from Macmillan has arrived 🙂 ) It’s always good to have an idea of what’s going on!



And when these things are being done I begin to feel anticipation and enthusiasm. Sometimes running a group, even as part of a team can feel overwhelming but, having a plan and feeling motivated  can help change the overwhelming to something to look forward to and enjoy. And when we enjoy what we do the parents and carers and their children are more likely to enjoy the group too.

I hope that if you are leading a group that you are feeling motivated and supported 🙂