Baby Moses 3D craft and story

This is a lovely Baby Moses 3D craft. Easy to make and very effective. It uses easy to find materials that take just a little bit of time to prepare.

All you need for this craft – A4 card (cut the slits so that the card will fold and stand up), small baby printout (there are some to download in this blog post), green crayons for the reeds, blue tissue paper for the water, cup cakes cases for the basket, glue.


Baby Moses Story

(This story is based on Exodus 2)

A long time ago there was a very bad King in Egypt. He was very bad. He wanted to get rid of all the baby boys. That was very awful.

But there was a family who didn’t think that the very bad King was right. And they had a brand new baby boy. He was so lovely! He gurgled and he burped! He wriggled and he slept. It was good that he slept a lot because his mummy and daddy had to keep him a secret. (Everyone go ‘shush’)

But as he grew and got bigger he began to make more noise! When he cried it was LOUD. Oh no! They weren’t going to be able to keep him a secret for much longer.

His mummy had an idea. It was a good idea. She made a basket. She made a waterproof basket with a lid.

And then she wrapped her lovely baby son up and placed him in the basket and tucked him in. She and her daughter went down to the river. They carefully picked a spot where they knew someone very important would come to wash in the river. They put the basket in the water and the mum went home. But big sister hid and watched.

And sure enough the women came to wash in the river. The bad kings daughter and her servant. Down into the water they went. Oh! What’s that? Can you get me that basket? I wonder what’s inside?

They lifted up the lid …. and there … inside.. was a beautiful baby boy with big tears, crying for his mummy.

Now the big sister did something very brave. She came and said, ‘Shall I go and find someone to look after the baby you have found?’

‘Yes’, said the bad kings daughter.

And the big sister ran home and called her mum to come.

‘Take this baby and look after him for me’, said the bad kings daughter, ‘and when he is older he can come and live in the Palace. And she gave him the name Moses.

Extra Ideas to try

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