Storytelling tip #16

Begin storytime with a song Instead of announcing storytime with, ‘It’s storytime’, start with a song. It will become your theme song that tells everyone that it’s time for a story. Choose something simple and easy to join in with. Familiar tunes with your own words are great. Once you have your song stick with… Read More Storytelling tip #16

Storytelling tip #6

Practice what you are going to say Tell your story to yourself. Practice it. Practice using any puppets or props. Get a feel for how it sounds. Don’t aim for knowing it word for word – you want to know how the story goes and be so comfortable with it that the telling is fresh… Read More Storytelling tip #6

Storytelling tip #3

Know how you are going to begin Facing an audience can be nerve wracking. To avoid going blank be really sure of your opening sentence. Learn it. Write it down and have a last minute look at it just before you begin. Some ideas – ‘There was once a…’ ‘A long time ago…’ Say hello… Read More Storytelling tip #3

Storytelling tip #2

Make yourself heard There’s no need to shout a story at people but they do need to be able to hear you tell the story. Be close enough to your audience so that they can hear you. If you can, use a PA system. A mic will enable everyone to hear you even if you… Read More Storytelling tip #2

Storytelling tip #1

Make sure everyone can see you It’s much easier to listen to the story when you can see the storyteller. Think about where the chairs are placed. If everyone is sitting on the floor kneel or sit on a low chair when you tell the story. You want to be a little higher than the… Read More Storytelling tip #1