Bible Alphabet M is for Moses story and craft

Bible alphabet M is for Moses bible story and craft

We used this story in our Bible Alphabet M is for Moses. The story of Moses being hidden in the basket is found in Exodus 2. It is a lovely story to tell to children as children take centre stage.  I’ve included a craft idea too.

Sometimes people point out that the Nile would have been a crocodile infested river but I think that the area that Moses’ mum chose to place her son in his reed basket must have been quite safe or Pharaoh’s daughter wouldn’t have gone to bathe there.

Craft Idea – Bible Alphabet M is for Moses

The craft could be made in stages. The ‘basket’ is made from salt dough and so needs a few days to air dry (or a few minutes in a microwave). The lid is made from brown paper or card. It’s quite an involved craft so for a toddler group setting have a look at this simpler version

Make the reeds by drawing round the children’s hands and then cut out the hand shapes.

‘Moses’ could be drawn by older children or prepare this yourself. He has tears because he was crying when Pharaoh’s daughter opened up the basket.


Bible alphabet M is for Moses craft


Trace a line along the edge of the ‘reeds’. Cut along the line and slot the ‘reeds’ through the hole. Tape on the other side of the paper to secure. You want to have the ‘reeds’ close together but you need to leave some space so the slots aren’t right next to each other.


Above is the wrong side of the paper.


Bible alphabet M is for Moses story and craft idea

Making the salt dough basket

Salt dough recipe

2 cups plain flour

1 cup salt

1 cup water.

Mix the above together. If you need to make it ahead of time you can but wrap it in cling film (plastic wrap). I think you will get about 5/6 baskets out of this amount.

Give each child a ball of the dough and show them how to create a basket shape by holding the dough in one hand and pressing the dough between their fingers and thumb.

Salt dough basket for M is for Moses bible alphabet story and craft



If you are making this at a toddler group you could explain to the adults that this story is where we get the term ‘Moses Basket‘ from.

Here’s a link to some more Moses craft ideas on Pinterest

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