Rhythms of Grace conference

On Saturday we drove to Wembley nice and early to go to a Toddler Group leaders conference. I was leading a couple of workshops about Crafts. It was a really good day. The Keynote speaker, Mary Hawes drew our attention to how toddler groups should be places of generosity, relationships, accessibility, community and encouragement. She encouraged us to be confident about being church based and to share Bible Stories. In the afternoon there was a music workshop that everyone was able to attend.

Very importantly tea and coffee and great pastries kept me so well fed during the breaks that I didn’t really need my packed lunch!

The day was really well organised and I came away enthused about running a Toddler Group and encouraged.

Here’s a picture of the Christmas craft we made



Sunrise – best time of day to drive on the north circular!

3 thoughts on “Rhythms of Grace conference

  1. Clare Pooley

    That was an early start! How good to know that you are encouraged to be confident about being church-based! More and more, these days, we hear of people being criticized for mentioning Christianity let alone teaching it’s stories. Did you hear about Oxford University banning the Christian Union from taking part in Fresher’s Week? https://www.churchtimes.co.uk/articles/2017/13-october/news/uk/cu-banned-from-balliol-freshers-fair

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    1. Rachel Ball Post author

      Hi Clare, I thought it was great that she was so positive. I did read about Oxford Uni – I think they need to trust students to make their own decisions and form opinions. There are so many societies at a freshers fair and no one is forced to sign up!

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