The story of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream – God knows everything

The Bible teaches that God is all knowing. He never needs to learn anything, we cannot teach him anything. He never needs to change.

Psalm 147:5 ‘Great is our Lord, and abundant in power, his understanding is beyond measure.’

The story from Daniel 2 illustrates this truth.

To tell the story you will need a story bag and some puppets on sticks made from pictures that have been coloured and cut out. You need the main characters – Nebuchadnezzar, some wise men and Daniel. If telling the story to older children add more characters from the story such as Daniel’s friends. Pre schoolers benefit from less detail and a focus on the main points of the story.

The story

It was a dark night. The stars were in the sky. King nebuchadnezzar was fast asleep in his bed. Maybe he was snoring! Then he had a dream. King Nebuchadnezzar didn’t like the dream. It woke him up and he was unhappy.

The next morning he called all his wise men. ‘I had a dream he said. I want to know what it meant.’

The wise men said, ‘Tell us what happened in your dream and we”ll tell you what it means’

‘No!’ said the king. ‘Tell me the dream and what it means or I will get rid of all of you and knock down your houses!’.

The wise men looked at each other. They were worried . How could they know what the dream was if the king didn’t tell them!’

But there was one wise man who could help. His name was Daniel. He talked to God and asked God to help.

He came to see the king.

‘Can you tell me the dream and what it means?’ asked the king

‘No wise man can do that Daniel said,’but God knows everything and he knows about the dream and what it means and God has shown me your dream and what it means.’

God knows everything about us. He knows everthing about evereything. God is very great.

During the story you can also add actions to keep the children’s attention. If you do this have somewhere to stand the puppets or have another adult hold them for you.

SAM_1889 SAM_1890


Most of the pictures were taken from ‘Instant Art for Pre-school Colouring’ by Arthur Baker published by Keven Mayhew. I have searched their website but I think it is now out of print 🙁 They do however have lots of other lovely stuff,



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