Let’s make a clay boat!

Let’s make a clay boat with air-hardening modelling clay. This craft is suitable for older children and gives them the opportunity to work with clay even if you have no access to a kiln.

Air-hardening clay is easy to use and will dry out and keep it’s shape. We used Das. It is great to use when you want to make a finished product for the children to keep.

We are using it to make small boats as our Bible Story in our 5-11year olds after school club is Jesus calming the storm on the lake. There’s an idea for telling the story using a parachute here.

To make your clay boat

To make the boat shape start by making a ball of clay. Then make a pinch pot. Gradually shape this into an oblong. Add a small ball of clay to the inside of the boat shape and make a sail. You need a lollipop stick with a triangle of card. Push this gently into the small ball of clay that’s been added to the inside of the boat. (You need to make sure this clay is attached to the boat by using your fingers to smooth the edges together.)

Hints and tips

Cover your work surface with a plastic, wipeable cloth.

Add some to your boat using some clay tools or the ends of paint brushes

Leave to dry out

Once dry see if the boats float!

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