Having Breakfast with Jesus

We’ve been thinking about animals in the Bible in toddler group and we are very near the end of term. This is our last animal story. I decided to do fish – they are mentioned quite a lot in the gospels! The story is from John 21. This is a brief outline. In the story bag I had Peter and Jesus, a net and some fish and a small BBQ with some charcoal. The children loved having a look at the charcoal.

BBQ bucket in the story bag
BBQ bucket in the story bag

The Story-

Say hello to Peter! Peter was one of the followers of Jesus. This story happened after Jesus had died and come back to life again.

One day Peter said to his friends ‘I am going fishing’. It was night time. All the stars were twinkling in the sky (everyone make twinkling star shapes with their fingers). The men were in the boat all night long but there were no fish in the nets. The sun began to wake up in the sky. They looked in their net – no fish.

Then someone on the sand called to them ‘Have you caught any fish?’ They looked in their net – no fish.

‘No, we haven’t’, they called back.

Who was on the sand? It was Jesus. ‘Put the net the other side of the boat’, Jesus said. So they threw the net over the other side. Suddenly it filled up with fish. They got their boat to the sand and there waiting for them was Jesus. He had made a BBQ and was cooking some fish for breakfast. Jesus was alive. He is still alive today and he cares about you!

The craft was a simple collage of fish with cellophane waves.

going fishing
going fishing


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