Bible alphabet – E is for Eve

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E is for Eve. Although the bible doesn’t say that Eve ate an apple we used an apple to tell the story from Genesis 3 as it’s a familiar fruit for the children. It worked well having two real apples to choose from held by a person pretending to be a tree. Then an adult playing the part of Eve chose the apples that they had been told they couldn’t eat and gave it to an adult pretending to be Adam.

With older children you could include the role of the serpent.

The craft is very simple.

Paper Plate Apple

You need

paper plate

red and green tissue paper squares – or crepe paper

sugar/construction paper stalk and leaf (you could stick these on for the children if they are very young – under threes may not place them at the edge of the plate – but that may not matter. It is the process of making that matters rather than an end product that an adult has altered!)

Glue sticks

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