role play at toddler group – hospital

We are doing a series of bible stories all about ‘People Jesus helped’ from the Go Teach Toddlers Book 4. One of the suggested activities was to make a doll’s hospital so we had a go. It’s quite basic – a doctor’s play set, couple of dressing up clothes, dolls, dolls clothes and bedding, toy phone and a few beds made from show boxes. We moved some of our tables into an L shape and put up a sign. It was great to see lots of play going on with parents/carers chatting to their toddlers in the doll’s hospital. We won’t do this every week – it seems that having a new role play area makes more chat between adults and the children possible.


2 thoughts on “role play at toddler group – hospital

  1. I made a basic stretcher with two poles and some sheet (with sewing machine). This encouraged the children to play cooperativly – just add some teddies and dolls. Good one for the man through the roof.

    Also buy some of those little mini stickers and then they can add them to the dolls and teddies (especially when the pox is going round)

    1. brilliant idea – thank you for sharing it here 🙂 I will be adding this to our ‘hospital’ – and getting hold of some mini stickers 🙂

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