God is everywhere craft and story

The Bible Story illustrates that God is everywhere! The craft idea reminds children that God is everywhere.

We told the story about Hagar (Genesis 16) to teach children that God is everywhere. There is a simple craft to accompany the story.

Hagar was Sarah’s slave and Ishmael’s mother. Sadly, things were difficult for Hagar and she ran away. But God knew where she was and spoke to her. Things changed for Hagar when God made her a promise about the son she would give birth to. She responds with the acknowledgement that ‘You are a God of seeing. Truly here I have seen him who looks after me.’

We can never be somewhere that is away from God. Wherever we go, God is there. God is everywhere!

God is Everywhere Story Idea

To tell the story to young children you will need

A story bag with a doll to represent Hagar.

God is everywhere – Hagar

Begin by taking ‘Hagar’ from the bag and introducing her to the children (say hello to Hagar – children wave)

Hagar was very sad. Can you pretend to be sad?

She decided to run away. Pretend to run by tapping hands on knees or run on the spot. Get the children to join in.

Then she sat down. No other people were there.

But, God knew where Hagar was. God is everywhere. Wherever we go God is there.

He talked to her. ‘It will all be alright Hagar. Go back home’.

Hagar listened. She knew God could see where she was. She knew that God is everywhere.

‘You are the God who looks after me.’ she said.

Now Hagar was happy again. She went back home.

God sees you too and cares for you wherever you go. Wherever you go God is there.

God is Everywhere Craft Idea

The following is a simple craft to go with the story – ‘Wherever I go, God is there’. It is a reminder that God is everywhere. Print as many as you need. The children can add colour and people. I used some smiley face stickers for the people on the bus.

God is everywhere craft – free to print – see the link
God is everywhere craft

God_is_everywhere_(Bus) PDF file.

Finally, I hope you enjoy telling this story that reminds us that God is everywhere!

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