Followers of Jesus – Tabitha (Dorcas)

In Acts 9:36-43 we meet Tabitha (her Aramaic Name) or Dorcas (her Greek name). She is a follower of Jesus who sews clothes for the women in the church. When she sadly died the church leaders sent for Peter. He comes to visit and seeing the sadness of the women he sends them out of the room, kneels down and prays. Then he takes Tabitha by the hand and says to her ‘Tabitha, arise’. And Tabitha opens her eyes and sits up! It is a wonderful story.

To tell the story have some dolls/puppets to represent Peter and Tabitha. Show something that has been sewn (a dress, or blouse).

Say hello to Tabitha! She was a follower of Jesus. She cared very much about the other women in her church and she made them beautiful clothes. But one day something very sad happened – Tabitha died.

Everyone was very upset. They sent for Peter – one of the friends of Jesus. He came to see them straight away. He was sad too. He saw how much everyone missed Tabitha. He knelt down and he talked to God. And then something amazing happened. Peter looked at Tabitha’s body and he said, ‘Tabitha, get up.’ She opened her eyes, she sat up! Peter took her by the hand and helped her. Then he called out to the women – Come and see, Tabitha is alive and well again!’

How could Peter do that? Peter didn’t bring Tabitha back to life. Jesus did. And many people who heard about what had happened believed in Jesus.

Tabitha T-shirt craft

This is an idea I’ve posted about before but this time it’s a download! A simple T-shirt outline for the children to cover in fabric.

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