Salt dough egg decorations

Children of almost any age can decorate these simple egg shapes. We’ve used them at a toddler group, but they would be great for older children who would be able to do more intricate designs or pictures.

To make them you need to start with a salt dough. This is very easy. You need 2 cups plain flour, I cup of salt and I cup of water (add this gradually as you may not need it all). Kneed the dough on a floured surface and roll out to about 4mm thick. As you do this keep making sure it isn’t sticking to the work top. I used a template and cut around it. You could also use an egg shaped biscuit cutter. If you are making hanging decorations you need to make a hole for the thread about 1cm away from the edge.Smooth the edges of the eggs once you have cut them out. Then leave the shapes to dry. They will air dry, but it will take a long time (48 hours plus) or put them in a low oven, not more than 100C, for up to 4 hours. (They can burn so keep an eye on them). Once dry you can decorate with paint and/or felt pens.

We used felt tips to decorate but you could also glue coloured paper on to them and add glitter! A covering of PVA glue at the end will add a shine – but as you can see in the pictures the colours may run a bit.

2 thoughts on “Salt dough egg decorations

  1. Thank you for all your posts through this difficult time. I am really missing my church toddler group so am sending them a weekly email with a story and a craft idea. I am signposting them to your website so they can find more lovely things to do while they are shutup at home.
    Thank you si much – keep safe!

    1. Dear Brenda, I am also really missing toddler group. These are such strange days that we are living in. I hope that you and your family are all well. It is lovely that you are keeping in touch with members of your group – I’m sure that your care and kindness means a lot to them. x

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