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Button Craft Christmas tree

The buttons in this craft make the tree a little bit extra special. Older children can match the correct sized button to the circles. Use PVA glue as buttons are heavier than paper and will need a strong glue to stick firmly. Make sure there is plenty of time for the glue to dry before these are taken home or the buttons will fall off!  If under fives are going to be doing the craft use stickers instead as buttons are a chocking hazard. 

You can also add glitter glue/ glitter and a star on the top.

Use the PDF file to print the trees onto card – it will work better than paper.


SAM_1783SAM_1832 SAM_1833

Super easy Christmas tree picture




This is a super easy Christmas Tree picture. Use the PDF christmas tree to print either a template or straight on to green paper/card. Cut out and stick onto a dark background. Decorate the tree with sequins, buttons and ribbon and a star.


Stained Glass Nativity









Start with a template. Draw around this onto two pieces of black A4 sugar paper (construction paper) I secured it with paper clips to make things easier . This design was tricky to cut out but older children could do it with some help and patience. If you have a small group I would be tempted to do this beforehand with a craft knife.

Cover window with tissue paper. Cut this into strips beforehand. Glue the other A4 black paper to the back. Hang in a window.

Go to this post for a PDF of the template that you can print.