Spoon Puppets to Make

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Spoon puppets are easy to make and lots of fun! Buy some cheap wooden spoons and add collage materials and some imagination and you have some puppets for storytelling!

All you need to make spoon puppets

Items needed to make spoon puppets

How to make the puppets

Start by drawing on the face – you can choose to make your puppet happy/sad/angry. If you want to you can draw an alternative expression on the reverse.

Add clothing using felt or fabric. Felt is great to use because it doesn’t fray at the edges but if you don’t have any use any fabric that you find. You can glue the felt/fabric to the spoon and then add pipe cleaner arms. Twist the pipe cleaners around the spoon. Add a belt too as this will help the clothing stick to the spoon!

Wool or yarn makes great hair! Choose a style that fits with your puppet – spiky, long, short, and any colour you like. If your puppet is reversible you need to take this into account when you add the hair. Just add wool to one side and then turn the spoon over and add more hair to the other side.

And then you are ready to tell a story with your new spoon puppets! Here’s some I’ve made to tell a Bible story in Toddler Group.

How to use your puppets

Puppets are great for telling stories! Use them to tell a story to young children and they can then retell the story using the puppets that they have made. Keep the number of puppets you need for a story to a number that you can easily manage to hold and/or change. Practise using them to tell the story. I will be using two spoon puppets to tell the story of the Prodigal Son.

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  1. If you want the kids to have their own puppets, the disposable wqooden spoons you get for parties/picnics are great!

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