Platinum Jubilee Ideas

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We will be celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee at toddler group with crowns to make, cakes and a special song! The bunting will be up! Here are some Platinum Jubilee Ideas for you!

Platinum Jubilee crowns to make

Depending on your budget and size of your group there are two choices. You can buy ready made crowns to decorate or you can make your own completely from scratch!

Make your own crowns from scratch

You need some long strips of light card or sugar paper that will fit around a toddlers head. Leave them flat – you don’t want to transform them into a wearable crown till after they have been decorated.

Once you have your long strips of card or sugar paper let your toddlers imagination take the lead – they can decorate the crown as much (or as little) as they like. Provide lots of crayons, stickers and paper shapes that they can use to add lots of ‘jewels’ to their crown. Once the glue has dried transform the card/paper strip into a wearable crown using some cellotape. Make sure it fits!

If you have lots of collage bits and bobs this is a great craft for using some of them up!

A crown craft idea for young children. Platinum Jubilee ideas.

Buy some crowns to decorate

If you are short on time then this will save you some. You can buy crowns that are ready for some decorations to be added and come with an adjustable fit. There won’t be another Platinum Jubilee for a long time so you may want to splash out! I bought some ready to decorate crowns and some stickers to decorate.

A Jubilee Song

As well as making crowns to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee we’ll be singing this great song by The Cheeky Pandas

We’ll also be having cakes to share but those aren’t made yet! Keep an eye out on my instagram where they will appear!

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