I is for Immanuel

just couldn’t think of what to do for the letter i in our Bible alphabet series at toddler group. I looked through Young’s concordance and decided on Immanuel. It fitted so well as we are approaching Christmas.

Bible reference – Immanuel is mentioned three times in the Bible – Isaiah 7:14; 8:8 and Matt 1:23.

To tell the story – in the story bag I had Isaiah (a knitted doll) and a scroll made out of sugar paper.

‘A long. long’ long time ago there lived a man called Isaiah (ask children to say the name and take Isaiah out of the story bag). He was given a message from God to tell to the king. It was a promise. Isaiah wrote it down. What could it be? Shall we find out? (Take the scroll out of the bag and read what is says on the outside). Lets open the scroll and find out what God promised. (Open the scroll and read the words inside). God promised to send a baby who would be called Immanuel (ask children to repeat the name). The baby would be ‘God with us’.



IMG_3604You could of course use this for ‘i is for Isaiah’ but if you were teaching the children the sounds of the letters (phonics) it would not fit.

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